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Rogers Ballet Inc. offers a complete education in classical ballet from beginning to professional levels. Each level builds on the previous level and grade and adds new material, greater technical expectations, increased musical understanding and deepened appreciation for challenges. Related theatrical dance forms of tap, jazz, Spanish and character dancing are also offered.

To meet the individual goals of the students and parents, RBI offers different programs. Most classes are one subject per lesson, though we do offer several Beginning Combination classes that include ballet, tap, personality singing and acrobatics.

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Pre - Classical Ballet

The pre-ballet program enhances the natural imaginative progress while introducing basic ballet principles within a structured and enjoyable learning environment.

Creative Dance
One Class Per Week

Designed for children ages four with emphasis upon the child’s developing an enjoyment of movement experience based upon daily movement vocabulary such as skipping, running, jumping etc. while nurturing the child’s imagination and personal expression. Dance at this level is a tool of child development and expression rather than a theatrical art.

Pre - Ballet
One Class Per Week

This level is designed for children ages five and six who may or may not have participated in the Creative Dance level. Within this level pre-ballet basics are begun without forcing the body as the child learns preparatory skills and terminology, more completed motor skills, and musicality.

Classical Ballet

In the Classical Ballet Program, ballet is treated as an art and a theatrical expression for an audience. Classical Ballet by its nature develops self discipline, self-respect and self-confidence based upon progression, technical development and accomplishment.

One or Two Class Per Week

Classical ballet training begins at this level for the child who has either completed the Pre-Ballet Program or is an older beginner. Basic technique, terminology, musical application and development of creativity are introduced.

Two or Three Class Per Week

Having completed the foundations of classical ballet, the student moves into this level which requires the development of balance and strength while refining the earlier technical skills and introduced vocabulary necessary to become an intermediate dancer.

Pre - Pointe
Three or Four Class Per Week

As with all serious ballet schools, Rogers Ballet Inc. practices the policy of proper, unhurried, and thorough preparation before beginning pointe work. Strong technical skills, proper placement, and the correct physical necessities for this level are required before a student begins pointe work.

Five or More Class Per Week

The aims of this level are to attain high degrees of proficiency in technical skills, vocabulary, musicality and to develop a dance artist who is expressive, aesthetically pleasing to watch, and confident in movement quality and theatrical presentation.

Upper-level Preparatory and Pointe Counterpointe
Five or More Class Per Week

This level is an extension of the Advanced levels and is for serious often career minded students who are dedicated to training, rehearsals, and performances. PointeCounterpointe in the performing company of Rogers Ballet Inc. and participation is considered by auditions.



Generally the attire for most all ballet classes - Black leotard, ballet pink tights with feet and seams, and pink ballet shoes with elastic sewn on. Check with the Director for the leotard color for Creative Dance. Boys - White shirt or leotard, black tights, white socks and white ballet shoes with elastic sewn on.


Black leotard and tights, solid plate taps. Shoe colors: adults are black heels - children are white flats.


All students are required to have hair securely tied back from the face and off the neck. Headbands and ponytails are not sufficient. Ballet students with hair length adequate for a bun are required to have it so arranged.



Family Observation Days are in November and February. Please family only, no children younger than three years of age. Audience etiquette is expected during these classes.


Being on time for lessons is not only an act of courtesy, but is extremely important since the beginning exercises are essential in warming up properly. Also, arriving late disturbs the class already in session.


Individual attention to each student in the classroom accompanied by home practice assures the student's progress. Practice is required. Level promotion is individual, not necessarily by classes.


New Student Evaluations or Continuing Student Appointments may be arranged by phoning (316)263-8014.

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Questions regarding policies and procedures, studio purchases, student class placement, casting, and any other studio business must be addressed to and answered by the Director. Phone (316)263-8014.

RBI reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


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